Donny Osmond Home 3D Self Adhesive Wall Tiles

Are you looking for something new, budget friendly, extremely easy to install, where the entire family can participate and in just a few hours completely transform your family’s living space?
Our 3D Peel & Stick Wall Tiles are changing the way folks today improve and transform their walls into spatial eye-catching modern walls. Their 3D construction adds contrasting depth, effecting light and causing the shadowing look of thick dimensional patterns!
These amazing 19.6” x 19.6” tiles are a very durable yet light interior wall decoration that can quickly spruce up any dull or distressed wall.
As a peel & stick, little to no tools are needed in the application of these tiles which make for the perfect, easy family improvement project that afterwards can be painted any color one desires!
Available in 5 fantastic designs with each containing 10 large tiles, you can create a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall surface with dent proof property which provides our customers the opportunity to maximize their creativity with the most cost effective 3D panels on the market.
Size: 19.6" x 19.6"
1 Box covers 27 Square Feet - 10 Tiles
100% Biodegradable & made from natural plant fiber - 80% Sugar Cane Begasse, 20% Bamboo
Easy Installation – Just Peel ‘n Stick
Color: Off White (Can also be painted !!)