Velvet Anti-Slip Hangers

How long have you been saying “I need get organized, clean out my closet, and make more room”? Now you can with Achim’s Second Avenue Collection’s Velvet Anti-Slip Hangers. This hanger has a velvet, non-slip surface that is gentle on delicate garments and prevents fabrics from slipping and creasing while helping to preserve your garments natural shape. It’s ultra-slim, space-saving design helps make the most use of available hanging room and can increase closet space by as much as 50-percent.
Durable & Lightweight
Prevents Slipping & Creasing
Preserves Garment Shape
Notches at the top of the arms hold strapped garments in place (Adult Hangers Only)
Adult Hanger Size: 17.5” x 9.25”
Kids Hanger Size: 11.8” x 8"